How to join the site

The Creative Somerset online network is all about providing a space for creative individuals, businesses and places to share what they do. If you're a creative of any kind, be it an artist, producer, creative organisation, creative business or venue, you can create a profile page and showcase your work to others in Somerset and beyond.

Simply head to the link marked Join at the top of the page and start by entering  your email address and choosing a password.

The other fields are all pretty straightforward (we hope) but just in case of any confusion, see the guidance below:

First name - This should be your contact first name regardless of whether you are an individual or an organisation. So if you are, say, Steve Smith of Creative Company Ltd, enter "Steve" here.

Last name - Ditto, but for your contact surname, i.e. "Smith".

Address - Enter your correspondence address or business location here.

Postcode - As it says on the tin.

Telephone - Your preferred contact number. To note, these contact details won't be visible to visitors to the site unless you make them so later on.

Receive Newsletter - Tick this box to get our weekly round-up of the week's creative highlights.

Display Name - This is the name you wish your profile to be viewed as, so for example it might be your company/business or organisation name, i.e. " Creative Company Ltd" or, if you are a freelancer or individual it might be just the same as your own name, i.e. "Steve Smith". To note, you'll be able to indicate 'what kind' of creative you are later on (see Title in the adjusting your profile page of the User Guide).

Profile Type - Simply choose the most appropriate of the three options for you.

Once you've filled all these fields in click the Join Creative Somerset button and you'll be sent an activation link by email to verify your email address. Then you can log into the site via the Login / My Profile link in the header.

Once registered you can personalise and populate your profile and add content to the site.