Laura Ashford's style is influenced by the organic splendour of the natural world around each and every one of us. Her passion for past artistic movements exudes from her creative works, a style which has been described as "Au courant Art Nouveau."
Laura's fascination with folklore and mythology shines through her Art, each piece holds an ethereal quality which brings a union of past ideologies with the modern digital world.
Laura's ability to question the traditional whilst pertaining skills learnt through years of study allow for a unique yet innovative body of work.

Laura is constantly working, always picking up ideas and inspiration from everywhere she goes. Her creative endevours span a multitude of mediums and platforms some of which include Photography, Illustration, Mosaic Art and Fiction Writing.

BA Hons Photography
A Level Photography
ND BETEC Graphic Design
Level 3 Life Drawing
Level 3 Double Award Experimental Digital Media
NOCN Digital Illustration

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