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Creative Somerset offers a free membership to all those that join our site and add Member profiles. By joining you have opted in to become part of the community of creatives with the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, organisations and businesses that are the creative voices of the industry in Somerset.

As well as Member profiles being part of our online Creative Directory, you also have the option to receive our Newsletter with the latest news, opportunities and events across the sector as well as updates from Creative Somerset CIC.

Why is this important?

By opting in and registering to become a Member you are supporting our core mission to encourage, enable and enhance strategic and collective achievement for the creative industries in Somerset.

Your voice gives us the mandate to advocate for the creative and cultural sector, and your support helps us to achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate the strength of the creative sector, evidencing the importance of the creative industries in Somerset and beyond
  • Making sure that Creative Somerset CIC are supporting and enabling the delivery of what exactly the sector needs
  • Create a strong and vibrant network of people that can work to support one another
  • Developing collaborations to grow ideas, share knowledge, broker partnerships with stakeholders and help to increase the provision of a cultural and creative infrastructure.


  •  Be part of a group who give the thriving creative industry in Somerset a voice; locally, regionally and nationally
  • Improve the profile and status of the sector
  • Share information and make connections that will grow your network opportunities
  • Skill and knowledge sharing of good practice
  • A greater understanding of the industry you are part of in Somerset
  • Inspiration, innovation and acquiring the connections for learning new skills and knowledge as well as developing existing ones
  • Get online and telephone advice
  • Influence the development of Creative Somerset!
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