On the committee for the Crowcombe Village show which is an annual event that has competitions and shows in various categories for local people to take part in, or to just aloing and support the local community.
Also part of the Crowcambe Players who are an amateur dramtics socity that puts on an annual performance in the Crowcombe Village Hall.
In addition, I am a director of a company that produces hand made meat products such as sausages, for the end user and local restaurants, bars etc. We have experience of catering at festivals and even did the Queens birthday garden parties at the British Ambassors residence in Lisbon, Portugal for many years.

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Tally Ho Cottage Triscombe

Telephone: 07379 688 090
Email: joanne@quintessentiallyquantocks.com
Website: http://www.quintessentiallyquantocks.com/

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