Based within Plymouth University's Faculty of Arts, ICCI (Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries) has developed the ICCI360 Arena as a large scale multimedia facility in collaboration with Igloo Vision.

As part of the Cultural Olympiad for the South West, The ICCI360 Arena is set to ‘WOW!’ audiences in Weymouth with a truly amazing 360° panoramic, immersive experience.

The ICCI360 Arena is showcasing a diverse range of work and events that has something for all the family in a dynamic, high-tech multimedia environment. See stunning live music and dance performances, film presentations, high resolution photography, digital and film animations, interactive gaming, children and young people’s activities, as well as an array of 360° film screenings. The arena offers a unique opportunity to present and celebrate a variety of creative and cultural activities and is set to create memorable experiences.

ICCI draws together a wealth of 360° images, video and animations from regional, national and international artists and film makers for presentation. We are working with new, young and emerging artists as well as established practitioners of film, games and animation and other creative organisations to develop new performances that will be presented in Weymouth during the summer 2012.

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Weymouth Pavilion Theatre Forecourt

The Pavilion Theatre

Telephone: 01752 585 060

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Maritime Mix - London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2012-07-26T00:00:00Z">Thu 26 Jul</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2012-09-09T00:00:00Z">Sun 09 Sep 2012</span> <span>(2 months)</span>Maritime Mix - London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea / Thu 26 Jul to Sun 09 Sep 2012 (2 months)

As part of the Cultural Olympiad in the South West this summer, ICCI have a 360 arena on Weymouth Pavilion Theatre Forecourt. The ICCI360 Arena will b...

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Volunteer at the ICCI360 Arena this summer! / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2012-04-01T00:00:00Z">Sun 01 Apr 2012</span>Volunteer at the ICCI360 Arena this summer! / Sun 01 Apr 2012

ICCI360 is looking for you! A friendly volunteer to help out during the summer and to be part of a once in a life time experience, the South West’s C...