Digital Media

Digital media designers create images, effects, and animation for film, video, computers, and other multi-media outlets.

Digital media designers use integrated media to communicate messages, information, and entertainment through video games, movies, special effects, or 3-D animation. Their work typically involves designing a visual presentation of information and entertainment using computer programs.

Example careers includes work in the motion picture and video industries to create special effects, visual images and audio. You may also work for computer software companies and make web sites, animations or video game designs. Others find work in the government or education industries. Common employers include advertising agencies, animation firms, graphic design studios, newspapers, magazines,

A degree in computer graphics or another relevant field is generally required, and prospective employers want to see a solid portfolio of the job candidate's work. Many digital media designers are self-employed.

The responsibilities of a digital media designer can vary greatly depending on the specific area of employment; however, most designers create 2- and 3-dimensional images, graphics, models, and animation using digital programs. These creations are communicated via mediums such as the Internet, film, television, and mobile technologies. Digital media designers also use technical programs to create content for traditional outlets, such as newsletters, newspapers, and manuals. Employment can also be found in alternative areas such as science, medicine, law, business, and architecture, where designers help to enhance the products and communication in these fields.


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