If you have a talent for dancing, and have the determination to succeed, this could be for you.

As a dancer, you would use movement to interpret music, tell stories and express emotion. You could dance for live audiences or in recorded performances for television, film or music videos. To be a dancer you would need to have good rhythm and timing. You would need to be enthusiastic and work hard. You would also need to be able to focus and concentrate.

Dancing is a very competitive profession, and unfortunately, only a small percentage of dancers can actually find steady work in this area. To land a job in this field, dancers will usually have to audition for a part along with several other dancers. In order to supplement their income, many dancers will often hold other jobs as well.

Instead of actually dancing, some professional dancers may also choose to teach dance classes or create new dances. A person who develop new dances or dance moves are referred to as choreographers.

Technically, a formal education is not absolutely necessary for a dance career, but studying under an experienced dancer or in a prominent dance school is usually very helpful.

Most dancers start their careers at a very young age. Professional ballerinas, for instance, usually start dance classes before they are even enrolled in school. As they get better, they can move up to more advanced classes.

During their teenage years, dancers can also choose to attend special performing arts or dance schools. Though they will get a general school education in these types of schools, young dancers will also take different dance classes in order to fine tune their skills. After school, some dancers begin looking for work right away, but others may choose to attend a traditional university or a performing arts university.

Choreographers and dance teachers should always have a solid dance education. Ideally, they should be well-rounded and able to perform many different types of dance. They should also be very experienced and talented in at least one type of dance, however. Some dance teachers may also need to get their teaching certificates, especially if they will be teaching small children.


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