Advertising people create ads, which help sell an idea or product.

Broadly speaking, an ad agency has two main work streams of which you can choose the one that interests you. The creative section, has people who visualize and conceptualize an ad, including the copywriters, art directors. And the client servicing section, has people who interact with the industry and are an interface between them and the agency.

The creative department of an advertising agency is responsible for developing the ideas, images, and words that make up commercials and ads. While many people in the agency contribute to the process, the invention and production of advertising is mainly the responsibility of copywriters and art directors.

The media department of an advertising agency is responsible for placing advertising where it will reach the right people at the right time and in the right place…and do so in a cost-effective way.

Planning and buying media at an advertising agency is exciting and challenging because ways of communicating are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Such technological advances as cable television and the internet, or videotext make an impact on what media are available for advertising and how viewership is calculated. A recent increase in the number of specialty publications enables more precise targeting of consumers.

It is the responsibility of the media department to develop a plan that answers the question: how can the greatest number of people in the target group be reached often enough to have the advertising message seen and remembered—and, at the lowest possible cost?

Opportunities in the interactive marketing field are exploding and are most plentiful in the areas of design, marketing, and computer programming. Agencies need computer-based designers and programmers, as well as strategists who understand how marketers can use interactive media creatively and effectively. The advantage in job-hunting in this area is to those who have a strong knowledge of computers and the digital realm, and are on top of the daily changes in digital technology and its capabilities.

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