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South West Fishing for Life

‘Fishing for Life’ is an organization which provides fly fishing sessions for people who all have one thing in common – breast cancer.

Meetings are held every month at lakes over the South West and now the Greater Manchester area, where the scenery is beautiful all the year round. At these sessions they are able to learn to fly fish under the supervision of qualified coaches.

The sessions are provided free of charge, thanks to the help of South West Lakes Trust, Bristol Waters, small grants from local authorities and the fundraising done by a very committed group of volunteers. As well as learning to fly fish, knot tying, entomology, fly tying and conservation are all included in the program and each morning’s session is concluded with a buffet lunch or barbeque.

Fly fishing not only provides gentle relaxing exercise, but in this wonderful atmosphere, refreshes the soul as well.

For more information please see www.southwestfishingforlife.org.uk

For more information visit http://www.southwestfishingforlife.org.uk/

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