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Adam Grose's practice explores walking, collecting, recording & mapping journeys in the landscape and memories. These explore layering thoughts or scenes during a walk, juxtaposed into an aesthetic re-presentation, forming a way of mapping to encapsulate an experience into one image. He collects rocks and soils from places visited, creating paints and printing inks for use in his work.

Grose explores hidden worlds through samples allowing him to grow the microbial world in Petri dishes. These are transformed into reduction prints, monotypes, etchings and drawings, combining art with science. Through exploring monotype printing on postcards that represent travel, he explores the memory of being in a place whilst investigating non-perspectival imagery and Zen painting practices.

Drawing is fundamental to his process, exploring how we see and interpret the world through line, form, colour and mark-making, using chance and the accidental traces left behind.

Grose’s work is collected in private and public collections worldwide including China, United States, Australia, Europe and is a national and international exhibiting award winning artist.

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