What We Do

Creative Somerset CIC is a Community Interest Company working to support the vibrant and thriving cultural and creative sector in Somerset.  

Inspired and empowered by our members, we support and celebrate creativity in all its diversity, and champion and strengthen the creative and cultural sector – by making sure stakeholders know its true value, and by making sure it can continue to do what it does best.

Creative Somerset recognises that the arts are a key part of our culture and are vital to our health, social and economic development. We believe a vibrant and thriving creative sector improves the world around it.

Our core mission is to encourage, enable and enhance strategic and collective achievement for the creative industries in Somerset

We aim to:

  • Identify and provide or signpost sector training needs
  • Improve opportunities for networking and encourage skills transfer opportunities within the sector
  • Increase or develop audience and participation levels for arts activity
  • Strengthen governance amongst arts organisations through training and shared best practice
  • Increase inclusivity and legislative compliance amongst arts organisations and individuals through training and shared best practice
  • Strengthen the visibility of promoting and marketing creative and cultural activities, hence improving sales, encouraging participation, increasing group membership and strengthening sustainability
  • Increase opportunities for businesses and education partners to employ professional artists
  • Provide evidence of the social and/or well-being benefits of involvement in creative and cultural activities
  • Demonstrate the economic contribution of creative and cultural activities

By working together we believe we can:

  • Raise the visibility and profile of the county’s Creative industry
  • Create a focal point
  • Develop partnerships and improve communication through collaborations, networking and sharing good practice
  • Attract funding and inward investment for the creative industry of Somerset
  • Support and develop existing and emerging leaders and frontline providers
  • Better aid the creative industries of Somerset to enable and encourage future development and sustainability

Our work is about developing something complex and creative. It is about creating conversations that work to market the cultural and creative offer. It is about dialogue with communities and stakeholders about how the cultural and creative sector can be a tool for change. It is about ensuring our members know how to share the richness of their work through our website, online gallery, social media and on film.

We welcome anyone within the cultural and creative community of Somerset to join our increasing network. Our website is a supportive online resource that gives our members a place to showcase their work, share their ideas and access advice and information.  

Creative Somerset receives funding from Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts. In addition, some of our work has been funded by Somerset County Council's Creative Industries Development Fund and through Creative and Cultural Skills for our work as Skills Ambassadors for the region.